Nov 16

Episode 002: 2016 Election Autopsy

I reflect on the 2016 Presidential election, both from a personal point of view and with general social commentary. I discuss how we view each other given our ballots. I discuss the risk associated with the candidates. I discuss some cultural superstars that have emerged, and I discuss where we go from here.

Referenced in the podcast:

Scott Adams’ blog can be found here.

Nate Silver of Five Thirty Eight can be found here.

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One Response to “Episode 002: 2016 Election Autopsy”

  1. Widetrack says:

    Fantastic podcast! Feels good to know I’m not alone in the way I’ve been feeling since Trump’s victory. I found myself nodding in agreement pretty much through the whole episode. Looking forward to following this podcast on a regular basis! Bravo! 🙂

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